Slovak Export Forum 2017
The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Kuwait

The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Kuwait

Kuwait, Kuvajt
Mr. Pavol Svetík, Ambassador

About Us

The main mission of the Embassy is to foster cooperation with the Kuwaiti State as well as the countries of accreditation (Bahrain, Qatar), particularly in the political and economic spheres. The Embassy focuses its attention on completing the contractual legal basis of economic character as well as on improving the mutual information-sharing needed to increase trade exchange, economic cooperation as well as to create conditions for the entry of direct investments from these countries into the Slovak economy.

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The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Kuwait





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21.6.2017 Matchmaking session

Cooperation Profiles

Perspective areas of Slovak export are still the automotive industry, electrical equipment, electricity distribution devices, measuring instruments and appliances, refrigerating equipment, iron and steel, lighting products, telecommunications equipment, office supplies and paper products, wood for the construction industry, furniture, Paper, sporting goods, equipment used in certain industries. The market for engineering products is still relatively small, as industrial production is very limited. There is the possibility of applying for energy projects (new capacity, reconstruction, maintenance), water supply, transport and construction works on infrastructure development, hospital construction. Kuwait citizens often visit Slovakia (especially Piešťany) during the summer months in the spa tourism. However, due to the demands of the clients, it is necessary that Slovak business entities operating in the spa industry offer stays at the level of five-star resorts. The situation with regard to the mechanical engineering products is more demanding, as there is a high level of competition in these countries, especially from Asian countries whose price of goods is lower than in Slovakia. Of course, there is a lot of competition from the US, the Western European countries, China, South Korea, India and Pakistan.


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