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The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Tirana

The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Tirana

Albania, Tirana
Mr. Milan Selecký, Economic Counsellor

About Us

The Slovak Embassy in Tirana in the area of economic diplomacy focuses on pro-export policy of the Slovak Republic. A key tool for fulfilling this policy is to search for new markets and areas of cooperation, active presentation of modern technologies and innovative products from Slovak companies in Albania (AL). In accordance with the export-oriented support of Slovak companies, the embassy presents successful innovative projects. It provides assistance in finding new production and business partners for companies in the Slovak Republic. It helps with the organization and presentation of Slovak companies at trade fairs, advertising and marketing events on the territory of AL.

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The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Tirana





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21.6.2017 Matchmaking session

Cooperation Profiles

In order to improve mutual trade balance with AL, the embassy supports deliveries of technological equipment for modernization and innovation in the energy, chemical, engineering, food-processing, wood-processing and automotive industry. There are being built mutual relations in the area of information technologies. Priority for increasing the potential sectoral cooperation between the SR and AL in the area of bilateral and multilateral relations is the acceptance of two fundamental agreements: „Agreement for the promotion and reciprocal protection of investments” and „Agreement on avoidance of double taxation”. These two agreements help to intensify the promotion of offensive interests of the SR, meaning improved access of Slovak producers and exporters to markets of third countries, as well as take defensive measures, meaning protection of Slovak interests, especially domestic producers, with the emphasis on strategic sectors of the Slovak economy (automotive, electronics and steel). An important factor in increasing the potential is the presence of Slovak entrepreneurs in projects related to infrastructure, agriculture, energy, tourism, environment, water and waste treatment, and especially their actual participation in the upcoming tenders in theses areas. The Slovak embassy in Tirana supports development and cooperation in health and pharmaceutical industry, agriculture and tourism.


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